Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A man.

A man
A man who had everything
but still wanted more
decieved by a demon
involved in spiritual war
A man disobeyed
bringing sin into life
cast out of perfection
along with his wife
Trust was broken
death introduced
how could everything be right
with evil on the loose?
Without God, a man committed sin
with his wife he conceived
a race just like him
A race that was unholy
A race that couldn't escape
that which was inevitable
their sin-produced fate
What could be done
with God and man apart?
What could God do
to show the love in his heart?
A man came from heaven
A man crucified
taking the sins of the world
Nailed to a cross and died
Just as a man did wrong
and deemed us sinners in God's sight
A man, killed, broken and betrayed
Sacrified, to make things right

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