Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Jack, poor Jack, got captured by the Others
On the bleachers, Desmond told him, "lift it up, brother."
Caught in a net with Kate, above the ground they did hover
Even though Kate chose Sawyer, Jack told her he loved her

Pushing buttons in the hatch, he's not a believer
Locked Ben in a room for being a deceiver
Gave Sawyer some meds to help with his fever
Went searching for the cockpit to retrieve the transceiver

"You don't have what it takes," his dad once said
Kate sowed up his wound with a needle and thread
Went to Australia to learn his father was dead
Saved Sarah from being cripple, and then they were wed

Survived a plane crash with no broken bones
Oceanic 815, he should have never had flown
The survivors hopes of rescue ultimately were blown
Jack's words of encouragement: "Live Together, Die Alone."

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