Wednesday, January 18, 2012


When the sky turned gray and the lightning lit up the sky, you grabbed my hand with such force I wondered if you thought doing so would make what was about to happen stop. When I returned your robust grip, through tear filled eyes I saw it was clear you thought I shared the same hope. With a defeated cry you threw your arms around me, and as I slid mine around your shoulders I wished I looked stronger than I felt. As the rain began to fall I shut my eyes, but doing so didn't stop the tears from mixing with the rain and sprinkling on your chocolate brown hair.
         Another flash of lightning, brighter this time, and then a crack of thunder resounded like an ominous threat. The rain started to fall in showers. Your grip tightened, provoking mine to hold you closer. I heard your voice, but not your words over the roaring wind. I pulled away from you.
         "What'd you say?" I called over the howling wind as rain slapped my face. I touched your cheek and searched your eyes.
          "I hate this!" you screamed back. I felt my stomach tighten as you voiced that which I was feeling. Another flash of lightning came, brighter than the last, and then a louder crack of thunder. That was the third time. One more to go.
           "I'll find you!" I yelled angrily, though I wasn't angry at you. "I'll find you! I won't stop looking!"
You began to sob and threw your arms around me. I held onto you, feeling you shudder under the cold. Or maybe it was the anger that caused you to tremble. Or maybe I was the one shaking...
            A fourth blinding flash of lightning, like the sun had exploded, filled the sky. There was an uncomfortable sense of falling. And then there was silence. I opened my eyes...and you were gone.
             It was then I fell to my knees and cried.
It's now 2006, five years before our first meeting in Central Park. I can't go in there. I hate that I ended up back in the city, everything reminds me of you. It's a cruel joke, time traveling to the place we met years before we meet.
           I knew what I was getting into when I found out you could travel through time like me. We both knew it happened sporatically in bad weather. We both knew the traveling could bring us anywhere, anytime. I knew we'd be separated when it happened. You knew too, but we never discussed how much it could hurt. I don't think we fully understood how it could hurt until it happened. Until you disappeared and I fell to my knees and had no reason to get up.
          When the sun is high, and the sky is clear, I watch people stroll the city streets, laughing and enjoying the weather. It's then I wonder if I'm the only one who prays for lightning and thunder...

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