Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thoughts about stuff and things and life and why aren't more people like Charlie Chaplin?

I hate that we as people have watered down our morals, our values, and upgraded our self-appreciation and narcissism. The majority of us have fallen into the deep abyss of selfishness and greed, where it is so dark and blinding that any rays of light reflecting humility and generosity are foreign and ignored. We over appreciate ourselves, no longer putting others before ourselves.

We throw our money away on cosmetics and unnecessary technology because our roaring self-loathing can only be quieted by indulging. We complain we have no money because we spend it all when we're unhappy, and we're ALWAYS UNHAPPY.

We are WEAK, easliy impressed by the new and improved, regrettably losing our happiness in our longing, remaining masochistic and bitter. Bored with what we have. Constantly in the mindset that there's someTHING better out there. SomeONE better out there.

We are in PAIN, and like drug addicts we cling to vices and conclude we can't function without them. We can't be cordial without caffiene.

We are so SELF INVOLVED, rarely listening to what someone else is saying, but merely scanning their words for some common interest so we can turn the conversation onto ourselves.

We are too SERIOUS, worrying and stressing and struggling and forgetting how to appreciate small things. We have turned into bitter, self righteous, self-depreciating, hollow drones of ourselves.

Dealing with the public is daunting and exhausting. There is no more holding open of doors, or tipping the brim of hats and smiling at someone when they pass by. There is not nearly enough sacrifice for love that poets and dreamers desperately desire to think and write about. There isn't nearly enough LOVE, period.

We're all drawn to good versus evil stories, and root for the hero and hope evil loses. How then can we hold a mirror to ourselves and not see the villian staring back?

Life would be so much better without the unnecessary hate, jealousy and stress. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people. We need to stop longing for what we can't have, and really appreciate what we have now. This world is going to burn in the fires of greed and hatrd, and only the ashes will remain of a cruel life choked of all it is composed of, of it's very title, LIFE ITSELF.

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