Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa
Let me get Lost
a chance to love, a chance to heal
to a place harboring black smoke
and a frozen donkey wheel
Let the only sounds I hear
be the crashing of the waves
I'll find water and shelter
in the Adam and Eve caves
I'll lie in the shadow of the statue
and find immortality in Jacob's touch
I'll get some coffee with Juliet
"Maybe we can go Dutch..."
Sawyer can give me a nickname
and I can help poor Jack "let go"
when I get scared, I'll count to five
Like Kate I'll count real slow
I'll look after baby Aaron
when Claire and Charlie want a date
I'll talk with Locke about destiny
and about wheelchairs, and about faith
Sun can teach me how to garden
and translate to Jin what I say
I'll talk cursed numbers with Hurley
and time travel with Faraday
Coinsidence or fate?
there's lives to live, and lives to lose
there's two sides: one is light and one is dark
and the Island will let me choose

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