Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Short story thing more vampires yay vampires wheeeee

The moon stared down at me like a wide, white eye. The night was calm, a sort of chilling quiet that made you tense in anticipation for something to break the silence. It was the reason I waited. It was the reason my vibrant grey eyes darted rapidly at my surroundings.
      I was waiting for the silence to be broken.
The cool wind brushed my already cold skin so there was no need to suppress a shudder, though any human in my situation would have tried. I sniffed the air. It smelled of fall. Somewhere in the distant, an owl hooted. My stomach groaned at the sound and I started to imagine what I would do if my and the animal's paths happened to cross...
        "You shouldn't be so close to town when you're hungry."
I cocked my head to one side to show I had heard the voice, but I didn't turn. I didn't have to, I knew who it was. The owner of the voice then chuckled. It was a dark sound.
      "Isn't that why you're here?" I asked, my voice steady. I wondered if he could sense the mixture of fascination and revolution I felt for him, the emotions wrestling and battling under my pale surface.
     "Why are you here?" He asked the question in an airy tone, the way someone might as for the punch line to a joke they already know.
I shrugged. "Just looking," I replied, glancing at the town's houses. Though his face was cloaked in shadows, I turned and stared where his eyes would have peered.
     "But not touching?" His voice was playful and coy. It made me feel like smiling. I didn't smile.
      "You're here to stop me."
I paused a moment, and then answered, "yes."
     Another dark chuckle, and then he emerged from the darkness.
He was a memory straight from my dream. Perfect, angled face. Light grey eyes, the color of an angry sky before a storm. He looked like he was watching fireworks explode, his expression a sort of amused and giddy fascination. I stared, tense.
      "A myriad of thoughts cloud your mind," he began, his voice soft and inquisitive. "I see them all, swimming like sharks in that pretty head of yours. They rip and claw at your morale, so you stand before me torn and withering." He was a foot away from me now. "Indecision and confusion hold you together, so of course you're falling apart."
     "I don't know what you're talking about."
He smiled, and gleaming white fangs stared back at me.
      "You're a pendulum, swinging back and forth between what you think is right and wrong. You're stalling, not sure which one to lean toward. I can help. I know what you need. "
      "And what do I need?" I asked, my voice edgy.
His smile widened. "A little...push."
      The next thing I knew, I was sailing through the air by the force of his shove. Pain throbbed in my chest where his hands had hit. My shoulder hit the pavement, and the ground cracked under me.
      "Guess you made my mind up for me," I said, rising to my feet instantly like I had been pulled up by invisible strings. I crouched and balled my hands into fists in front of me. He ran toward me and jumped unnaturally high. I ducked out of the way, but once his feet hit the ground he side kicked me and hit me in the stomach. I curled involuntarily, but straightened to block his incoming punch. I grabbed his arm and punched his cheek. His head swung with the blow but shot back immediately. I expected to see a glare, but instead he was smiling.
    "That's it," he said, his eyes shining in the surrounding night. "Hit me."
So I did. I punched his face, I kicked his chest, and with a yell I shoved him into a tree. His body hit the trunk with a loud crack. I stood, waiting for retaliation.
    "You're good," he commented.
     "You're evil," I replied.
    "How do you feel?" he asked, smiling.
I concentrated on the adrenaline rush, the surge of power like electric currents under my skin.
     "I feel alive," I breathed.
     "You're better than alive," he stated. "You're dead, my dear."

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