Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The shadow swirled around me
a mocking movement of smoke
the smoke filled my nostrils
causing me to choke.
Immediately it retreated
staring menacingly with no eyes
"All those who have come to destroy me
have met with me and died."
I heard it's words in my head
though smoke has not a voice
"You've captured someone that I love," I said
"You're leaving me no choice."
The smoke began to pulsate
I wondered if that was how it laughed
it glowed a vibrant red
and then it split in half
the left side projected an image
I saw the one I was destined to save
An intense feeling of longing
to me is what the vision gave
The right half's image was unsettling
it caused me to wince in pain
it was of my lover dying
and I weakly said his name
"Of the two visions before you,
which would you rather gain?
Your precious Love safe and happy,
or your lover in agony and pain?"
"What a stupid question to ask!" I screamed,
and turned my eyes away
"I love him more than life itself,
what do you think I'll say?"
The smoke fused back together
and it's voice seeped into my mind
"Love him more than life itself?
So it's life you'll leave behind?"
I stared with a perplexed expression
wondering what it's words could mean
but an answer to it's riddle
simple could not be seen.
"I told you everyone who has come
they've seen me and they've died.
It's not because I'm stronger then them,
they've willingly gave up their lives.
If you want your lover to be safe,
an exchange must be made.
Your life for his...
care to make the trade?"
"I want to save my lover's life," I said,
"and save his life I can.
But the only way that can be done,
is if I never see him again?"
Tears rained down my face,
in that moment I felt drained.
But I knew that moment was all I had left,
and in saddness I'd have nothing to gain.
I put a smile on my face
and thought of my lover safe and happy
with the smoke awaiting my decision,
I bravely whispered, "take me."

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