Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creature Insight.

"I can show you," the creature said
and closed it's yellow eyes
"I can show you where your lover is,
for I am very wise."
I stared in awe, in terror,
awaiting a reply
for my lover had been captured
by a wizard in diguise
this creature had befriended me
it knew of love and loss
it'd help me reach my lover
no matter what the cost
The creature stood before me
skin the texture of sand
the tans and browns and shades of green
reminded me of land
It's eyes were not round like saucers
there were sharp edges along the sides
And I wondered how it's tears fell
when it got sad and cried
"Where can I find him?" I asked,
anxious to be shown
for my lover must be frightened
being captive and alone
the creatures eyes then opened
and much to my surprise
it showed a sunset over the sea
within it's sharp-edged eye
"Your lover isn't far,
I will help you go
to where the sky meets the sea
and the magic winds blow."
I climbed upon the creatures back
and we sailed into the sky
I thanked the creature for it's help
and flew to save my lover's life

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