Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick and blah and cough and sleeeeeeeeeeeep

Coughing fits until my eyes water and breathing like a creeper through my mouth because my nose is stuffed. Not how I wanted to spend my evening, really.

Amidst my pain and suffering I watched The Great Dictator, the 1940's movie staring Charlie Chaplin (and probably written by, directed by, produced by, etc.The man is a genius. A mad, workaholic genius.) I wouldn't say it's my favorite movie of his, but I will say the last five minutes, his infamous speech, is probably one of the most influential scenes I have ever seen in the cinamatic world. Brilliant. Moving. Inspiring. This is a link I found to a youtube video, where someone took his speech and synched it with the theme music from the movie Inception. It somehow made it even more powerful and moving:


I just downed some Nyquil because this heavy breathing through my mouth is irritating and I'd rather be unconscious. This may be the lamest blog post ever but I figured I'd atleast imprint a Chaplin video into my whole blogworld. You can bet your bottom dollar it will not be the last. I'm in love with that man.

Goodnight blog stalkers.

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