Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black and White

It happened quite suddenly
I had no time to prepare
one moment I was in my house
the next I was no longer there
The sight I saw was strange
like nothing I had seen
I wondered if I'd fallen asleep
I wondered if I entered a dream
This place was void of color
my surroundings black and white
No one seemed to notice though
they were used to this mundane sight
No one knew that leaves were green
or that the sky was occasionally blue
of the myriad of colors in a peaceful sunset
these people had not a clue
Everyone just seemed so sad
Or, atleast that's the feeling that I caught
because of the discontent in their faces,
happiness seemed a distant thought
I wanted to remember colors
so I thought of reds and greens
but after months in this colorless world
my memory became less keen
The colorless world became my home
and the sadness that I felt
seemed to rest inside my heart
like a block of ice that would not melt
I wondered if this was all to life
just blacks and whites and silvery grays
I looked to the ground in saddened thoughts
and something held my gaze
A flower had sprouted from the ground
appearing quicker than a wink
tears immediately filled my eyes
this flower was a vibrant shade of pink!
I pointed it out to others
but no one seemed to care
they just kept on walking
acting unaware
I bent down to touch it
to make sure it was real
It was soft and warm, nice and smooth
the way I thought pink should feel
I could have stared for hours
Why was no one elated like me?
Black and white was all they knew
they were oblivious to beauty
I brought it to my house
and put it in a vase
I wanted to keep it always
it put a smile on my face
The day went by so slowly
I constantly looked all around
I searched until the white sun was gone
but no new flowers grew from the ground
the moon shown in the darkness
everything looked even more washed out
Maybe it was a mistake the flower grew
Sadness returned, along with doubt
I sat alone in my yard
looking morosely toward the sky
I then gasped at what I saw
sparkling fireworks shooting high!
They exploded quiet soundlessly
as if the world had gone mute
"It's like the colors want to see the world,
the way they spread out when they shoot."
I turned to face the voice behind me
It belonged to a handsome, blue-eyed man
He had a warm, inviting smile
and the hair the color of sand
He seemed a dream, a memory
a sight I always knew
I smiled because he was in color
and his presence put me in color too
My skin was smooth and tan
no longer white like snow
his was the warmest beige
and even seemed to glow
The fireworks in front of us
fell to the earth like a colorful shower
but my eyes were set on this lovely man
"You're the one who grew the flower."
His eyes sparkled in the moonlight
and he gave an all-knowing smile
"You don't know how long i've waited.
it's been quite a while."
His voice was low and soft
Classical music to my ears
Everything about this man pleased me
I felt happy he was here
"Everyone who lives here
they're used to black and white
they never take the time
to see another sight.
It's your hope and longing
that made me grow the flower
the smile it put on your face
inspired the fireworks shower.
Your eyes shine like diamonds
over beauty I create
I've ached for appreciation
Years I've had to wait.
I've wanted someone to see
and feel happy by what they do
I'm glad you noticed the flower,
I'm really glad that person is you."
I smiled kindly at his words
we looked at each other in mutual mirth
then turned to face the soundless fireworks
and vibrant flowers grew from the earth.

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